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The Message...

Encourage the NWDFCD taxpayers to Contact their State of Texas representative on the NWDFCD financial situation.

  • Full transparency of the NorthWest Dallas County Flood Control District. 
  • Require NWDFCD Board Members to have primary residence in the district
  • Allow taxpayers to `buyout` without penalty
  • Term limits on board members. Note, Current board members do not live in Coppell & been in place since 2000.

Our Mission

How much do the past and present NWDFCD Board Members

pay per year in NWDFCD taxes ? 

Jerry Ragsdale paid 15 cents in 2014
Larry Jones paid 65 cents in 2014
WR Reynods paid 65 cents in 2014
Ken James paid $3.25 in 2002 ( latest record found)

Verify for yourself via:

Also note they don't live in the NWDFCD ?

Volunteer in our Organization; legal skills, accounting skills, neighborhood outreach.
Organize and  communicate with our Texas State representatives asking "why the taxpayer must pay for an $8M NWDFCD mistake? `

Rep. Matt Rinaldi

Sen. Don Huffines

Request a Town Hall and hearings on the finances of the .NorthWest Dallas County Flood Control District .

Please Sign our online petition.

How to Help

Meeting Location

River Oaks Assisted Living

1530 Sandy Lake, Coppell, TX  75019

Mar 2015 NWDFCD taxpayers get bad news

NWDFCD informs taxpayer that debt has doubled to $15M

July 2015 - Cypress Waters drains North Lake via tax payer funded Flood Control District ?


See Coppell Gazette Article


History,  910 Mallard, Coppell,  TX   75019

NorthWest Dallas County Flood Control District
Owners Club

1985 With encouragement of investors and real estate developers, the NorthWest Dallas Flood Control District (NWFCD)  is created by the State of Texas.  Approx. 925 taxpayers are in the NWFCD.

1992 NWFCD is bankrupt. . Debt restructured to $8M.

199x to 2015 NWDFCD is NOT transparent on financial situation

2015 NWFCD debt has grown to $15M, 

2015 created as a Texas Political Action Committee (PAC). 


Special Districts in National News

The State of Texas created the NWDFCD 

A Texas bankruptcy Judge restructured the NWDFCD debt

NWDFCD managements allows the debt to double

Now the NWDFCD wants the TAXPAYERs to pay the bill...

We must organize and collectively communicate to the State of Texas that this financial situation was not created by the taxpayers and the approx. 925 NWDFCD taxpayers should not bear the burden of these financial mistakes.


How much Do I pay to NW Dallas County Flood Control District?

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