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2016 is an election year...

Questions for our candidates:

-Why did you as our Texas or Federal representative allow this $8 Million dollar mistake to be placed on the backs of the taxpayer ?
-Why are you claiming to be reducing our taxes when you just `doubled` our tax burden from $8 Million to $16 Million?
-For the Coppell Mayor and City Council of Coppell, why did you support this bond knowing that the Coppell Tax payer is already burden with the highest tax burden in the state of Texas? 
Note, the Mayor supported the bond issue and yet has not mentioned a plan to help answer why the Coppell taxpayers are paying for a State of Texas mistake nor has the mayor identified the plan reduce our tax burden.  

-Why were taxpayer funds used by the NWDFCD to fund lawyers and bankers to sell a yes vote on the Bond vote?

- Why was there no debate or input from the taxpayers on the NWDFCD financial problem?

- Why is there NO public website with the NWDFCD  financial information, nor contact information for the NWDFCD leadership?

NorthWest Dallas County Flood Control District
Owners Club